Month: August 2019

best beginner surfboard

Best Beginner Surfboard

When you start surfing you’ll rent a board. But, as soon as you ride your first green wave, you start to wonder what the best beginner surfboard is? In this post we’ll give you our top picks for the best beginner surfboards!

Surfing Etiquette

Surfing Etiquette

It’s essential before you hit the waves that you understand (at least) the basics of surfing etiquette. Read on to know the dos and don’ts of surfing.

types of surfboard

Types of Surfboards

There are many different types of surfboards to choose from. Choosing the wrong surfboard and you’ll end up having a very tough time out in the water. Here are the types of surfboards that you need to know.

how to duck dive

How to Duck Dive

Taking the time to learn how to duck dive properly can greatly increase the amount of fun you can have while surfing. Read on to learn more on how to duck dive.

best sunscreen for surfing

Best Sunscreen for Surfing

Sunscreen is one of the most essential pieces of gear that you’ll need for a fun day surfing. Choosing the best sunscreen for surfing is not easy. In this post we give you our top picks for the best sunscreen for surfing.

how to catch a wave

How to Catch a Wave

Learning how to catch a wave can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. But, trust me it’s worth it. So here’s our tips on how to catch a wave. Read on to know more.