Month: October 2019

how to surf

How To Surf

There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline you get when you ride a perfect wave! In this guide, we teach you how to surf with tips from pro surfers!

best surf watches

Best Surf Watches

Here’s our guide on how to choose the best surfing watch, plus our recommendation for the best surf watches! See the reviews and the watches the pros recommend.

Surfers exercises

Surfers Exercises

Preparing on land is one of the most essential tips we give to beginner surfers. Begin with these surfers exercises that we put together with pro surfers. Read on to know more.

best surf wax

Best surf wax (As Recommended by Pros)

Having the surf wax is essential to keeping those feet stuck to the board! We spoke to a bunch of pro surfers to find out which wax they recommend. Read on to know what the pros use.

how to wax a surfboard

How To Wax A Surfboard

Learning how to wax a surfboard is a key skill that every beginner surfer needs to learn if they want to stay on their board! Read on to know more about our tips on how to wax a surfboard.