best beginner surfboard

Best beginner surfboard

Surfing is a great way to destress, stay fit, find meaning in your life, and have fun. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you catch a wave! When you’re first learning to surf, you need a great beginner surfboard. From longboards to shortboards, fish boards to funboards, here’s our guide to choosing the best …

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how to surf

How to surf

There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline you get when you ride a perfect wave! From California to Hawaii, Australia, and further afield, surfing is a popular sport that keeps you fit, helps you meet like-minded people, and is a lot of fun. But learning to surf can seem a bit intimidating, as there’s a lot …

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types of surfboard

Types of Surfboards

There’s one point on which all surfers agree, whether beginners, intermediate or advanced. Regarding surf gear, the most important thing is having the right type of surfboard. It must be light enough to carry around. It must have maximum manoeuvrability for your skill level when you surf. There are all kinds of surfboards. We’ve made …

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how to duck dive

How to Duck Dive

Every beginner surfer who strives to become a competent surfer must master the art of duck diving. This article will help you to paddle out even faster when joining the line-up, and avoid being washed back towards the shore. Mastering the duck dive saves on the number of broken leashes and surfboards being swept away …

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Surfing Etiquette

Surfing Etiquette

Surfing is a challenging sport to perfect. Regardless, it is easier to understand the technicalities of the sport through a set of written and unwritten rules. The code of surfing, or what most people refer to as surfing etiquette are designed to keep both beginners and pro surfers safe and happy before they get started. …

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Surfers exercises

Surfers exercises

Surfing is one of the best ways to keep fit – it’s a whole body workout that will test you to the limits! But to get the most out of your surfing, you need to work on your surf fitness. To take your surfing to the next level, you’ll need stamina, muscle strength, and excellent …

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how to wax a surfboard

How to wax a surfboard

Learning how to wax a surfboard is a key skill that every beginner surfer needs to learn if they want to stay on their board! Surfboards have slippery surfaces, especially when they’re brand new. When you wax your board, you’re making a sticky layer to grip onto on your board. The extra friction translates to …

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how to catch a wave

How to Catch a Wave

Catching waves is all about positioning and speed, but as one of the toughest lessons for novice surfers, it’s best learned through practice. To catch a wave, you must be able to identify each stage the water goes through before it breaks, then time your action to catch it at the precise moment when you …

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