Top 9 Best Bodyboarding Tricks

Best Bodyboarding Tricks for Beginners and Pros

Bodyboarding is a great way to get out and enjoy the water, but if you want to look your best, you need to know the right moves. Mastering the best bodyboarding tricks and maneuvers can make anyone look like a pro as they ride the waves, from complete beginners to seasoned experts.

Why Learn Bodyboarding Tricks

Why Learn Bodyboarding Tricks?

Bodyboarding is a popular alternative to surfing that lets you catch waves as you ride belly-down on your board. It’s relatively easy for beginners to pick up thanks to a quick learning curve that even kids can master.

Learning a trick or two on your bodyboard can help you to make the most of your time out on the water. Not only will you impress family and friends, but you’ll have more fun and get a better workout as you move. Here, we’re going to cover some of the best bodyboarding tricks for people of all skill levels to look their best and improve their game.

The Best Bodyboarding Tricks

Once you’ve got down the basics of bodyboarding, you can immediately jump into learning the top, twists, turns, and master maneuvers that make the sport so exciting.

Moves for Beginners

Moves for Beginners

Bodyboarding is relatively easy to pick up, so even complete novices can start learning tricks starting on Day One. It’s best to know basic maneuvers before getting into anything too complicated. Doing so allows you to practice perfect form to build the foundation you need for more complex moves.

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  • Going Prone

Unlike surfing, when you bodyboard, the bulk of your weight is laid out across the board. Most boarders travel on their stomachs, which is known as a prone stance. It’s by far the most popular bodyboarding position, especially for beginners.

  • The Drop Knee

While some riders prefer to lie prone and bodyboard on their stomach, others prefer the control and stability of riding on one knee. To assume a drop knee position, place one foot flat on the front of the board and kneel so that the opposite knee gets pressed into the back end of the board. This move is also known as the DK, the Hawaiian Stand, or the Jack Stand.

the cutback

  • The Cutback

One of the most simple moves in bodyboarding, the cutback gives you a chance to reposition yourself and control your speed if necessary. Simply shift your weight to your board’s outer rail and lift the nose to turn in the direction you want. Once you’re back in the curl of the wave, you can continue bodyboarding normally.

  • The 360 Turn

As the name implies, this move is simply a 360-degree rotation in the water. It’s best done on a flat section of a wave, or if possible, in the air. Center your body and keep your eye on the direction you plan to spin. In the end, you should end up facing the same way in which you started.

Most of the power in this move comes from your lower body, so you need to lift your legs and arch your back to move the board. In general, you perform a 360 turn to the left. When you start your spin on the right, it’s known as a 360 Reverse.

Combo Moves

Combo Moves

Once you’ve mastered the most basic bodyboarding tricks, you can start to combine them into more complex combination moves. While there are endless variations to try, we’re going to cover some of the most popular tricks you’ll see out on the water.

  • Aerial Maneuvers

In an aerial move, you launch your bodyboard out of the water and perform tricks above the upper lip of the wave. One of the most popular aerial moves is the air roll spin or ARS. If you hit a steep wave with enough speed, you can throw your weight up to lift into the air before coming back down into the curl.

  • The El Rollo

The El Rollo is similar to the ARS in that you need to lift your bodyboard up over the lip of the wave and into the air using your own momentum. Once you hit the peak of your jump, however, you must add a quick roll before landing. You can also perform the El Rollo inside the curve of the wave for a Barrel Roll.

Intermediate to Advanced Tricks

Intermediate to Advanced Tricks

Once you’ve been bodyboarding for a while, you may want to shake things up with some more impressive advanced moves that are sure to push your skills to their limits.

  • The Invert

As the name suggests, this move involves inverting yourself and your board once you hit the lip of a wave. By launching yourself backward, your entire body performs a mid-air roll before landing flat on your board again.

  • The Backflip

One of the most well-known moves in both surfing and bodyboardingthe backflip is a complex move best reserved for advanced riders. Once you come out of the barrel and hit the wave lip, use your momentum to launch your lower body above your head. You can also perform a front flip by leaning inwards instead of outwards as you lift out of the water.

  • Barrel Riding

Once an advanced bodyboarder hits the barrel of a wave, they can ride the entire tube with a little bit of balance and concentration. After paddling into the barrel of the wave, you have to continually position the board, its fins, and your legs to ensure that you’re following a straight, even path. This is also known as tube riding.

In Conclusion

Bodyboarding is a great way to get out and enjoy the waves for people of all skill levels, from children and mobility-impaired individuals to star athletes. Learning a trick or two makes bodyboarding a more fun, effective, and awe-inspiring workout.

Once you’ve learned the basic moves for beginners, you can combine them into more complex combo moves. There are also plenty of advanced tricks, turns, and maneuvers that pose an exciting challenge even for experienced bodyboarders.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out for our expert advice.