bodyboard leash

Best Bodyboard Leash

Saltwater can be damaging to most materials. But high quality bodyboard leash can last through a lot of years. In this post we give you our top picks of the best bodyboard leash currently available.

bodyboard fins

Best Bodyboard Fins

If you want to catch more waves while bodyboarding, then you need the right equipment. There are a lot of bodyboard fins to choose from and picking the right one for you can be tricky. So here’s our top recommendations for the best bodyboard fins.

Best Bodyboards

Best Bodyboards

There are tons of bodyboards available in the market today. But choosing the best one can be very difficult. So here’s our roundup of the best bodyboards and where to purchase them.

Bodyboard Bags

Best Bodyboard Bags

A bodyboard bag makes it easy to lug your clunky board to the shore. It also can offer added carrying capacity. In this post we give you our top picks of the best bodyboard bags available and where to purchase them.

types of surfboard

Types of Surfboards

There are many different types of surfboards to choose from. Choosing the wrong surfboard and you’ll end up having a very tough time out in the water. Here are the types of surfboards that you need to know.

best sunscreen for surfing

Best Sunscreen for Surfing

Sunscreen is one of the most essential pieces of gear that you’ll need for a fun day surfing. Choosing the best sunscreen for surfing is not easy. In this post we give you our top picks for the best sunscreen for surfing.

best beginner surfboard

Best Beginner Surfboard

When you start surfing you’ll rent a board. But, as soon as you ride your first green wave, you start to wonder what the best beginner surfboard is? In this post we’ll give you our top picks for the best beginner surfboards!

best surf wax

Best surf wax (As Recommended by Pros)

Having the surf wax is essential to keeping those feet stuck to the board! We spoke to a bunch of pro surfers to find out which wax they recommend. Read on to know what the pros use.

best surf watches

Best Surf Watches

Here’s our guide on how to choose the best surfing watch, plus our recommendation for the best surf watches! See the reviews and the watches the pros recommend.

Best Surf Helmets

Best Surf Helmets

Surfers are constantly exposed to risks when riding the waves. Remember that your safety is always your priority. So here’s our top pick for the best surfer helmets currently available.