best beginner surfboard

Best beginner surfboard

Surfing is a great way to destress, stay fit, find meaning in your life, and have fun. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you catch a wave! When you’re first learning to surf, you need a great beginner surfboard. From longboards to shortboards, fish boards to funboards, here’s our guide to choosing the best …

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best surf watches

Best surf watches

A surf watch might not be the most obvious piece of gear for surfers, but having a great surf watch can be a game changer! You can find out real-time info on your fave surf spot, such as tides, conditions, and water temperature. The best surf watches have a countdown timer, and even let you …

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Best Surf Helmets

Best Surf Helmets

When riding the waves, surfers are constantly exposed to risk, no matter your skill level or experience. Surfers can get involved in accidents like getting hit by a surfboard or hitting the reef with your head, leading to head injuries like facial cuts, scalp injury, multiple lacerations, etc. Although many surfers do not consider helmet …

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best sunscreen for surfing

Best Sunscreen for Surfing

Surfers are highly exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays, water reflections, and sand, which are significant factors behind skin damages, including skin cancers. Sunscreen products provide surfers with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) as well as protection from UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen is composed of compounds and elements that ensure sunblock by absorbing UV light. There …

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types of surfboard

Types of Surfboards

There’s one point on which all surfers agree, whether beginners, intermediate or advanced. Regarding surf gear, the most important thing is having the right type of surfboard. It must be light enough to carry around. It must have maximum manoeuvrability for your skill level when you surf. There are all kinds of surfboards. We’ve made …

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