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The 10 Best Surf Helmets in 2024 – Buyers Guide

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When riding the waves, surfers are constantly exposed to risk, no matter your skill level or experience. Surfers can get involved in accidents like getting hit by a surfboard or hitting the reef with your head, leading to head injuries like facial cuts, scalp injury, multiple lacerations, etc.

Although many surfers do not consider helmet as a necessity to get, it is best to wear surf helmets when conquering the waves. There is a wide range of surf helmets available for surfers. Although it is harder to choose the best surf helmet for your needs, we have helped compiled a guide to make your decision easier and faster.

The Best Surf Helmets That You Can Get Today

In this section, we will review some of the best helmets suitable for surfing.

  • Gath Convertible Surf Helmet (overall best)
  • Gath Helmet and Retractable Visor (best protection)
  • Gath Neo Sport Hat Helmet (best extra features)
  • NP Surf Watersports Helmet (best fit)
  • Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet (budget-friendly)
  • Gath EVA Sport Hat Helmet (easiest to carry)
  • Tontron Adult Multi-Sports Surfing Helmet (most stylish)
  • Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet (best value for money)
  • Gath Gedi Helmet (most durable)
  • NRS Chaos Full-Cut Helmet (all-round option)

#1 Gath Convertible Surf Helmet (Overall Best) 5 stars


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  • A unique fitting system that provides the surfer with comfortable suction cap fit perfect for punching through waves.
  • Weighs 270-305g
  • SLSA approved
  • EN 1385 approved

This is the best surf helmets on this list. This is because it offers all you need in a helmet such as lightweight, high impact-resistant, UV stable, and made from long-lasting plastic. Furthermore, it comes with non-water absorbent foam that lines the inside of the helmet for extra cushion for the surfer.

Gath convertible surf helmet features a quick-release buckle for secure retention. The buckles are also coated with foam and nylon to make strapping the helmet comfortable. The helmet has removable ear protectors, making it a perfect choice for surfing in different weather conditions.

This helmet is the perfect choice for all surfers that wants protection from high impact waves during surfing adventures while looking dope.

#2 Gath Helmet and Retractable Visor (Best Protection) 5 stars


Gath Safety Surf Helmet with Retractable Visor

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  • Full face helmet
  • Retractable visor
  • 98% UV rays protection
  • Futuristic style
  • EN 1385 and SLSA Approved.

If you plan on wearing a helmet to protect you from head injuries, this surf helmet from Gath is a perfect choice. Since the helmet will cover your entire head, it ensures total protection from any dangerous situations. Another great feature is the retractable visor, which protects surfer from UV light and makes it easy for surfers to surf in the sun.

Like some other kinds of Gath helmets, Gath helmets with retractable visor is equipped with quick-release buckles and detachable ear protectors. The helmet is designed to fit snuggly with its tight chin strap. The best thing about this helmet is its multipurpose use as you can use it for different types of watersports like surfing, jet ski, kiteboarding, etc.

This helmet is a perfect all-round product with its lightweight construction and water-friendly design. However, it is best for the surfers that want absolute safety when conquering the big wave.

#3 Gath Neo Sport Hat Helmet (Best Extra Features) 4.5 stars


Gath Neo Sport Hat Safety Surf Helmet

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  • Adjustable forehead foam protection and audio vets
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Thick neoprene headband
  • UV stable, high impact, and non-water absorbent foam liner.

Gath Neo Sport Hat Helmet is another excellent product from Gath for protecting your head when surfing. Although it is quite heavier than some other options, it offers full protection. The helmet has a thick Neoprene headband, which keeps water from flushing through the surfer’s eyes while surfing.

Another outstanding feature of this Gath helmet is that it has a removable ear protector. This makes it the perfect helmet for surfers that surf in any weather. The helmet is considered by many as the overall winner because it provides protection, comfort, and practicality.

#4 NP Surf Watersports Helmet (Best Fit) 4 stars


NP Surf Watersports Helmet Flouro Green Matt

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  • ABS outer shell
  • Sleek design
  • Non-water absorbent construction
  • Soft EVA impact-absorbing liner
  • Air-ventilation system

The NP surf helmet is among the best quality helmets suitable for any watersports. Although it has a fairly simple design, it comes with several great features that make it unique. Surfers love it because it is lightweight, durable, and comfortable. You can easily adjust the fit with its twist tightening system on the adjustable chin straps.

Furthermore, it features soft ear protectors which are well ventilated like the outer shell. This helps to make it effective when submerged in water. The tough outer ABS shell coupled with the soft EVA inner lining helps to make the helmet absorb shocks while also remaining comfortable. Another plus is that the helmet is lightweight, and it offers solid protection.

#5 Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet (Budget-Friendly) 4 stars


Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

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  • Dual-density waterproof EVA liner
  • Stainless steel rivets
  • 16 open ventilation holes for ventilation and drainage
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • High-density waterproof EVA liner
  • A half-cut helmets

If you are looking for a helmet that ticks all the boxes without overcomplicating things, this surf helmets by Pro-Tec is the perfect one for you. It is lightweight and sits just above the ears. Although it does not offer protection as other helmets, it provides enough cover for safe surf.

Even with its hard-plastic outer shell, the helmet is very nice. However, the inside lining is soft and shock absorbent to provide comfort when surfing. This surf helmet also has an excellent ventilation and drainage system to make it suitable for the water. This Pro-Tec helmet is a perfect solution for your safety in the water, and it is available at a great price.

#6 Gath EVA Sport Hat Helmet (Easiest To Carry) 4.5 stars


Gath EVA


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  • Adjustable forehead foam protection and audio vets
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Lightweight
  • EN 1385 and SLSA approved

This is another lovely product from the Gath helmet. It is regarded to be very lightweight, simple, and low volume. Although the helmet is designed for surfing, it can be used for several other extreme sports like kayaking, skydiving, and water sports. This surf helmet is not only protective, and it has an aerodynamic design.

Gath EVA Sport Hat Helmet is made with high impact and high-quality foam with plastic lining similar to the Gath convertible helmet. Another remarkable feature of this helmet is the adjustable forehead foam protection and audio vets. Apart from the high-quality accessories, it also comes in a wide range of colors, and you can choose one that suits your style.

#7 Tontron Adult Multi-Sports Surfing Helmet (Most Stylish) 4 stars


Tontron Adult Whitewater Kayaking Canoeing

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  • 11 air-vents schemes for breathing
  • Detachable ear guard pads
  • Modifiable back of the head system
  • ABS outer case for adequate protection and a swift-dry absorbing liner
  • Approved CE EN 1385 water sports safety standard

The Tontron adult multisport surfing helmet comes in a wide range of exciting colors and prints, making it fun to wear while surfing. It is made with high-impact ABS shell and ear protection set for preventing damage when hitting big waves at high speed.

This helmet is not only stylish, but it is also waterproof, which means surfers will enjoy a comfortable experience when surfing. Furthermore, it has an adjustable back for minor adjustments for easy fit of different head sizes.

Who says you cannot be stylish while wearing a helmet!!!

#8 Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet (Best Value For Money) 5 stars


Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet

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  • A full-cut helmet
  • Multi-use rear mount strap
  • High-density injection molded
  • Ventilation and drainage system.

You will surely love this Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet if you want to upgrade from Pro-Tec’s Ace helmet by the same brand. The helmet offers more protection than Pro-Tec’s Ace helmet, and it comes with several exciting features. Its shell is a high-density injection-molded ABS product designed in a lovely retro style.

The dual-density waterproof EVA layer of the helmet makes it very comfy while surfing. You can use the handy rear mount strap on the helmet for different uses. You can use the strap to place a camera, headlight, goggle, or hold other attachments. Furthermore, the protective ear covers are well ventilated to easy hearing.

This helmet features a solid design, and it offers surfers a perfect blend of safety and style for a surf adventure. It also offers good value for money.

#9 Gath Gedi Helmet (Most Durable) 5 stars


Gath Gedi Surf Safety Helmet with Peak

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  • The detachable close ear protector
  • ABS outer case for adequate protection and swift-dry, soft EVA absorbing liner
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum coverage

This is a high-performance helmet designed for medium to high impact watersports. You can use it for water and land activity, and it has a low rounded profile fit to prevent drag when you hit the water at high speed. There is also high padding for absorbing higher impacts when surfing.

The Gath Gedi Helmet comes with a bill option, removable ear protection, multiple visors, bill options, and several impact resistant liners plus full head coverage. This means it comes with everything you need to be comfortable during your surf adventure.

This helmet is unique from other Gath helmets products with its higher impact rating, optional visors, detachable pivoting bill, and cross-sport capacities.

#10 NRS Chaos Full-Cut Helmet (All-Round Option) 4 stars


NRS Chaos Full Cut Helmet

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  • Inner AVA impact foam
  • A full cut helmets
  • DialFit adjustment system
  • ABS plastic shell

This ergonomic helmet is a perfect all-round choice for watersports lovers for protecting your head. The helmet offers surfers complete protection around the head, back of the neck, and the ears. It is made with a hard ABS plastic shell and a soft AVA foam liner. This means it will make sure that your head is safe from any knocks or bumps to the head.

Furthermore, it has an easy to adjust chin strap for a great fit and mind-blowing comfort. Although this helmet is safe and durable, it can be a little bit restricting while surfing.

Value Editorial & Buying Debates

Why You Should Wear A Helmet

Shallow Reef

One of the common reasons that surfers wear helmets when surfing is because of shallow reefs. This is because hitting a shallow reef is just like landing on concrete, but it is sharper. You will need a surf helmet to protect your head from this encounter.

Crowded Lineup

One of the biggest dangers for surfers on most crowded days is the other surfers. There are boards and sharp fins on crowded days at every turn, and you need to be very careful. Furthermore, you can get caught in the wrong spot on the inside or somebody else in front of you cannot make it under that set.

Your session can be ruined by a hit from a board to the head, causing head injuries. However, a helmet can help protect your head during this encounter.

Big Waves

Falling on the water can feel like falling on concrete at a certain wave size due to your speed. This is why you need to protect your head just like other extreme sports like biking, skating, etc. Furthermore, wearing a helmet can help you to navigate when surfing the big wave.

Protection From The Weather

Under extreme weather such as high wind or heat, you need a helmet to protect your skin from these elements. Most helmets have ear protectors to protect your ears when surfing. There are also helmets with a retractable visor to protect your eyes when you surf.

Young Surfers

Children are delicate with a long life ahead of them. You need to make sure that you protect them by wearing surfing helmets in case there is an accident during a surfing adventure.

Convenient GoPro or Camera Mount

Besides keeping your head safe, helmets are a perfect place to attach a camera so you can video yourself while conquering the waves.

Things To Consider When Buying A Surf Helmets

Visor Options

It is best to look for a helmet with visors or the option to add a visor to protect your eyes and face when you are on the water. This is because UV rays do reflect off the water and can lead to severe eye damage.

Ear Options

You need a helmet with ear protectors. The best kind of helmet is that you can open and adjust how much air can enter the helmet. This is because it will be harder to hear if the ear covers are closed while you surf.


You need to choose a helmet from a reputable brand such as Gath helmets. They are the most popular helmet brand used for surfing, and they deliver high-quality products. Other popular brands are Pro-Tech, Aropec, Tontron, etc.

Neoprene VS EVA Headband

The headband will determine how comfortable and fit a surf helmet will be. If you opt for neoprene headband, you will enjoy a more flexible option for your head because neoprene is a stretchy material. The neoprene headband forehead section will cover your head shape while it stays comfortable and fit. Whereas EVA Headbands comes with customizable fit inside of a helmet. It offers a perfect fit for surfers with a tall forehead.

Some of the other things you need to consider when buying a surf helmet are ventilation and drainage system, color, reflective stickers, size, price, portability, weight, and so on.

Where You Can Buy A Surf Helmet

The easiest and commonplace to buy surf helmets is online. This is because you will find all of the top products available online. However, you can still purchase surfing helmets from any good watersports shop if you want to try them on in person for a perfect fit.


Your safety should be your main priority when you are surfing. This is why you must buy a surf helmet. When you plan to get a helmet, you can choose from the Gath helmets listed above or go for Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet.

I choose Gat helmets because they are best-fitting, and they offer a good balance between flawless surfing experience and impact protection. However, Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet also provides impact protection, and It comes with mind-blowing accessories for optimal surfing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to select your size?

When choosing your helmet size, you will need to measure your head from the middle of your forehead around just above your ears. After knowing your measurement, you can then choose from the size on the recommendation table.

Do surf helmets weigh a lot?

Surfing helmets are usually very lightweight. They typically weigh less than a pound, and your neck will not even notice that you put on something. Furthermore, these helmets are snuggly fit on your head and will not slip from side to side when surfing.

Can helmet with visor possibly shatter while surfing?

Most of the surf helmet with visors like Gath Helmet and Retractable Visor is made with strong plastic, and you can use it for years without breaking.