Bodyboard Bags

The 4 Best Bodyboard Bags in 2024 – Buyers Guide

Bodyboarding allows you to let loose and enjoy the fun of cruising ocean waves. However, first, you have to lug your bodyboard to the water. A bodyboard bag will simplify the task, making for easy carrying.

This roundup of the best bodyboard bag covers some suitable options worth checking out in 2021. Our personal favorite is the Block Surf Bodyboard Day Bag — but there’s plenty of other options available.

Top Bodyboard Bags

There are bodyboard bags to suit all kinds of personal styles. Here are our highlights.

Block Surf Bodyboard Day Bag: Best Overall

Block Surf Bodyboard Day Bag

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5 out of 5 stars

The Block Surf Bodyboard Day Bag is a top-quality waterproof bodyboard bag. It can hold one 43″, 44″, or 45″ board or hold up to two 42″ boards.

The adjustable straps make for easy carrying. Leave your hand free and carry it as a crossbody or take it by the handle.

Stand-out features include:

  • You also have a zipper pouch on the outside, giving you added storage.
  • The mesh bottom allows sand and seawater to drain out quickly.
  • Variable strap adjustment for diverse carrying styles.

We rated this one best overall because it has merely all the specifications you’d want in a bodyboard ag. It’s waterproof and can be carried in a variety of ways. It also features special extras, like the storage zip pocket and mesh pocket, allowing for cleaner storage.

Curve Bodyboard Bag Bodyboard Cover: Best for Long Hauls

Curve Bodyboard Bag Bodyboard Cover

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4.5 out of 5 Stars

The Curve Bodyboard Bag Bodyboard Cover is a favorite for longer trips because of its 5 millimeters of foam padding.

The cover will keep your board safe from nicks and dents, even on more rough and rugged journeys. It can hold one or two bodyboards. It also has a large velcro storage pocket.

Stand-out features include:

  • Backpack-style shoulder straps for more comfortable carrying, plus a side carry handle.
  • Made of super tuff 600D poly canvas.
  • Full-width mesh drainage panel to allow sand and water to escape.

This heavy-duty bag is a top pick among bodyboarders who travel frequently and need to protect their gear accordingly. While we agree that it’s a great option, it’s a bit too heavy-duty for a casual day at the beach. You might prefer a more streamlined version, like the one above.

Body Glove Bodyboard Carry Bag: Best for Two-Board-Carrying

Body Glove Bodyboard Carry Bag

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4 out of 5 stars

The Body Glove Bodyboard Carry Bag is ideal if you need to carry more than one board at a time. It easily accommodates two boards, up to 43″ in length.

It’s made of heavy-duty Cordura polyester with double-stitched seams, making it extremely durable. For portage, choose from backpack-style or hand-held carrying.

Stand-out features include:

  • Mesh bottom for drainage helps to keep the board dry.
  • Abrasion-resistant polyester material.
  • Reputable brand with roots dating back to 1953.

This product gives you guaranteed quality, as it comes from a significant brand name in the bodyboarding scene. It lives up to the reputation, thanks to the durable materials it’s composed of. The sleek gray-and-black design gives it added points for style.

Two Bare Feet TBF Double 42″ Bodyboard Carry Bag: Best Style

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4.5 out of 5 Stars


If you want to make a splash when you show up on the beach with your board, the Two Bare Feet TBF Double 42″ Bodyboard Carry Bag is the unbeatable top pick.

It features an eye-catching graffiti-style design with the two bare feet logo. You can also choose from red-and-grey or grey-and-black. This sturdy bag can hold up to two boards.

Stand-out features include:

  • Two external pockets with mesh ventilation.
  • Two adjustable shoulder straps plus an extra handle for carrying by hand.
  • Plenty of storage space for towels, sunscreen, and more.

Reviewers also report that this oversized bag can easily hold up to three boards without fins. While that’s convenient, if you’re looking for something more compact, this isn’t for you. This also isn’t the most cost-efficient option on the list. Nonetheless, it still earns 4.5 stars.

Buyer’s Guide

So, what should you consider when buying the best bodyboard bags? Read on to find out.

How to Choose the Best Bodyboard Bag

These are some valuable characteristics to look for in a bodyboard bag, whatever brand, size, or style you choose. Here’s what every buyer should consider:

  • Waterproof: This one is pretty important. You want your bag to be waterproof, offering protection against drips once you stash the bag (with a dripping board inside) in your car.
  • Size: How many boards do you need to carry? You want to make sure that the bag you select can hold the number and size of boards you need.
  • Carrying style: Different bags provide different carrying options. For example, you can choose from holding it by hand or wearing your bag as a backpack.
  • Durability: Take a look at aspects like material and stitching. A double-stitched bag will hold up under a bodyboard’s weight better.
  • Style: Okay, it’s not the most practical point, but it’s still essential! Your bodyboard bag will accompany you on all kinds of adventures. You want to love the way it looks.
  • Storage: Many bodyboard bags (including those described above) offer added storage capacity. A side pocket can be great for stashing sunscreen, towels, and more.
  • Drainage: If you throw a wet bodyboard into your bag, it will get musty and grow mold. Drainage (for example, in the form of mesh inserts) ensures that excess water drips out and saves your board.

What’s the Best Way to Use Your Bodyboard Bag?

Even the best bodyboard bag needs some added care to hold up over time. The best thing you can do to preserve your bag’s longevity is to dry off your board before you put it in the bag. Simply use a towel to wipe off sand and moisture. This will keep the bag clean.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Bodyboard Bag?

A bodyboard bag makes it easy to lug your clunky board to the shore. It also can offer added carrying capacity, allowing for convenient sunscreen and towel storage. Plus, a backpack-style bag can prevent aches and pains by evenly distributing the weight of your bodyboard across your shoulders.

So, are there any drawbacks to using a bodyboard bag? The main issue may be size, especially if you are traveling by air. Make sure any airline you travel will accommodate the bag in question.


Hopefully, you found the above roundup of the best bodyboard bags useful. We’ve featured a diversity of products to suit every style.

To recap, our favorites are:

The Block Surf Bodyboard Day Bag gets our top spot for a couple of reasons. It isn’t too bulky or burdensome, allowing for a lightweight carry. That said, it still has all the basics you need, like mesh drainage, versatile carrying options, and added storage on the exterior.

We love this combination that brings together a streamlined style with all of the practical essentials. That’s why we ranked this as the best bodyboard bag overall.