Aloha Classic Windsurfing

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Aloha Classic Windsurfing History

The Aloha Classic Wave Championships is one of the longest-running wave sailing events in the world. Since it’s creation in 1984, the Aloha Classic has been the traditional final event of the Pro World tour.

The top ranking international competitors are invited to the Aloha Classic along with top Hawaii athletes to compete side by side. The consistent trade winds and seasonally large surf make the Aloha Classic the most popular destination of the windsurfing media, spectators and athletes. This event is the crown-jewel of wave sailing.

Many luminaries of the sport have competed in the Aloha Classic from Robbie Naish, to Pete Cabrina, to Bjorn Dunkerbeck, to Rush Randle, to Jason Polakow for the men and Kelby Anno, Dana Dawes, Jennifer Henderson, and Angela Cochran for the women to name a few.